Why Start a Small Business Blog?

Starting or growing a small business is one of the most exciting and potentially one the best steps that you can take. A Small Business Blog can help to accelerate a very simple idea or a passion into an income producing venture.

Small Business Blog

Why? Because when you work on something that you consider your passion it’s not considered work.

And if you already have found your passion and are making an income on it, you know that you will sometimes spend 12 or more hours on it – not because you have to, but because you want to.

Regardless of whether you are a new or established business, with the growth of technology and the every decreasing spare time that we all have, many people are looking to get the information that they desire in as short amount of time possible.

This usually results in a potential customer navigating through to a search engine like Google and entering in a phrase made up of several keywords to find what they are after in 0.04 seconds.

So if you want to grow your online exposure and have your bite of the cherry online you need to develop a strong online presence and there is not better way to do this than to start a blog (or web log).

Traditional websites have been the norm since the inception of the Internet and while many businesses still implement these traditional static websites, there has been a real take-up on the use of blogs to release fresh, relevant content which not only brings in web traffic but also increases the online presence of the business.

Advantages of a Small Business Blog

There is a multiple array of advantages to starting a Small Business Blog:

  • Increase Primary Websites Page Rank and Subject Authority – By creating a blog that is updated frequently containing links back to your primary business website, the Page Rank and Authority of the primary website will increase.
  • Low Start-Up Costs – Many people start up their Online Business purely by utilizing free tools such as Blogging software and Social Media websites.
  • Multiple Streams of Income – With the endless amount of ways to make money online, such as Traffic Trading or Affiliate Marketing you can setup a Online Business using the Parthenon Principle.
  • Drive Natural Search Traffic – Search Engines pick up on what your blog is producing. If you are consistently publishing content regarding pool supplies, then search engines know that ‘pool supplies’ is the primary niche of your blog, hence when somebody searches for “pool supplies”, your blog will appear is the search results.

Disadvantages of a Small Business Blog

These are not specially disadvantages as such but still fall into this category as these points may not be the most favorable part of operating a small business blog:

  • Posting New Content – As you begin to create content and post it to your blog, people are going to start to follow you and expect that you will continually deliver the great articles, videos, etc that you provide. This may take a portion of your time so it is important to plan for and management your time. You can also consider using PLR Articles for high-quality low cost content.
  • Developer Costs – Depending on what you want your blog to look like and perform, you may need to employ the services or a website developer. This should be the only real cost to setting up the blog as domain names and hosting services are fairly cheap these days. A good website developer will have an understand on the current and future technologies and implement something that is user friendly, fast and versatile.

If you want to get serious about driving natural search engine traffic to your blog or website you will need to adopt Search Engine Optimization or SEO techniques. There are simple steps that you can take yourself, or employ a SEO specialist to do the work for you.

The most important thing to remember is that it is never to late to start. Thousands of websites are started daily, however just as many as abandoned. Consistent nurturing of your blog is required for true success just as you would for your small business.

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