Keyword Research

Keyword Research

You could easily consider keyword research and keyword planning the lifeblood of your website.Keyword Research

Your site, which you rely on search engines to index and promote and make no mistake, keyword research is a pivotal element.

Niche tools are an indispensable tool for locating appealing, profitable keywords and subjects to incorporate into your website or blog.

Additionally—what good is even a perfectly crafted, perfectly linked website if you don’t know where to find products to sell with it?

Foundational knowledge in Keyword Research

Finding niche tools is all about knowing where to look. Google, Yahoo and Bing—consider them your new online best-friends.

In addition, carefully consider the following facts:

    • Keywords—and all of the research that accompany them—are vital to SEO rankings, as well as the traffic that you want to elicit. So, center all of your keywords around the title of your website and its content.
    • Keyword density is crucial; this means you don’t litter your web page with keywords, you make them “flow” perfectly with the adjoining text, and you use a one through two percent keyword density. For example, you have a 500 word article—so there must be a maximum of 10 iterations. Six through eight is usually preferable, and spread them out evenly.
    • Just as vital as keywords are to search engine indices, introductions (and headers or top-aligned horizontal menus, to an extent) serve to make your audience want to stay on the your page and read-on; or, they can make viewers click off your website just as fast as they signed onto it. Make an introduction (whether it be text, flash intros, or whatnot) that accurately represents what your page is about and contains finely-tuned words that will bait viewers in
    • Create a “resource box”. This is the link at the end of your article—or anywhere on your webpage you see fit—for a link to your website where you actually sell goods and services.
    • Google Keyword Tools can be a very effective resource in finding the right keywords and keyword phrases; however, with millions of people using the same tool, you’ll have to expand your arsenal of niche tools. Keyword strands, or long-tags, are equally as important. Take extra care to find common search phrases and common keywords associated with your topic; this usually requires dissecting them, and rearranging them to account for dozens of variations of the same phrase.
    • Google Zeitgeist, or Google Trends, can also offer valuable insight as to the current topics and keywords, as well as rising stars in the field.

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