Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

Local Search Engine OptimizationImplementing a sound Local Search Engine Optimization strategy is the best way to drive traffic (and potential customers) to your website in an effort to increase sales.

As a small business, having an online presence and being found online has never been more important than it has in the current business marketplace.

You do not need to be a small business that sells it’s products or services online, however in this tech-savvy world more and more consumers are turning to using the internet to find the services and products that they want before they leave their homes.

Below is a list of important Local Search Engine Optimization tips to perform on your website that may help you increase your customer base:

Register Your Website With All The Major Search Engines

The 3 major search engines, being Bing, Yahoo and of course Google all have their own Webmaster or Website service tools. You can create an account with each and submit your site to them.

Target Keywords Using Local Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of Local Search Engine Optimization. Take for example if you are a florist in Sydney, Australia – you would want to target the keywords “Sydney florist” as that would be the primary search term that consumers would be searching for.

Do Not Over Use Keywords

There is a certain ‘sweet spot’ to the number of keywords that should be used per webpage. Over-doing it can actually work against you, so you should focus on using one keyword per page.

Build Quality Backlinks

Building off-page SEO content, or backlinks are a very important aspect of Local Search Engine Optimization.  You can write articles, create videos and submit blog posts to other blogs to get backlinks. There are different kinds of backlinks such as one way links, two way links, reciprocal links, etc.  These types of links all work differently and you should consult your SEO Consultant to create a sound SEO strategy.

Create Quality Content

When you use content on your website as part of your local search engine optimization strategy, try to make it as interesting and to provide a purpose or a benefit to the reader. The more useful, beneficial and interesting content that you create and longer visitors will remain on your site and the higher potential that they will become a return visitor and a customer.

Title Tags

Search engine use title tags to calculate the topic of your page and site as a whole. Using relevant title tags will aide in your local search engine optimization strategy.

Using all of the above advice will get you some really great SEO for your website, although there are more things you can do, that you can look into by performing a web search.

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