Email Marketing – A Golden Business Tool

Email marketing has become a very powerful tool, in the way to increase online traffic to a business.Email Marketing

A survey done by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) involving small businesses showed that 54%, rated using email as one of the top ways in driving potential customers to their storefronts and web sites.

When you use email marketing it can be easy, cost effective and fast in building a client list and driving sales to your website.

Here’s something to ponder:

Each dollar spent on direct marketing yields, on average, a return on investment of $11.73, versus ROI of $5.23 from non-direct marketing expenditures. That’s the Power of Direct.
From DMA’s The Power of Direct Marketing: ROI, Sales, Expenditures and Employment in the US, 2009-2010 Edition.

Email Marketing List

Create a mailing list of clients that you are interested in sending your marketing email to. The best way to do this is to “buy” a mailing list. It’s important to understand that the use of the word “buy” in this situation is by using a lead generation company to either grow your own list size or leverage off the email marketing expertise of the lead generation company to market your product or service to their subscribers.

By having a mailing list you will be able to constantly send emails to your customers regularly. This ensures that you can keep in regular contact with your customers. However, when having a mailing list the quantity or the list size is less important than the quality of the people on your lists as they will be the ones that will increase your sales.

As part of your email marketing, offer your visitors something of value to them, to make them interested in signing up to your list. These could be special discounts, a weekly tips newsletter plus other incentives. Have a sign up on every page on your website, or place it in a convenient position on your site where it is able to be seen easily.

You can always look to email potential member’s offline, this is especially true for those who have a storefront. You can always look for customers at conferences, events and anywhere you think someone will be interested in your business. Another tip is to put your list into different categories, which will help you test your emails and allow you to know which emails are working.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

The benefits of email marketing are that it can reach a wider audience a lot quicker with little costs associated with it. You are able to target your market to a particular business or people that are in the same market area as you are.

Having a mailing list can build relationships with your clients as a majority of clients tend to and like to deal with email more than any other means. There is also less time involved in campaign marketing as you just need to write and send to who you want.

Using email marketing is a great tool to drive sales to your website. There is less time involved in marketing through emails as you just need to type and send (although there is a certain amount of reporting that must be conducted to see whats working and what isn’t).

When using email marketing you are able to create a client list, which will enable you to build a list of potential customers and those that are interested in what you have to offer, which will produce in sales for you.

It’s important to get the right advice and use a lead generation company or email marketing specialist to delivery what you need.

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