Dealing with Client Complaints

In the service providing business, it is inevitable that you’ll receive complaints from clients.

Client Complaints

In business, civility and respectfulness should always be practiced when dealing with client complaints.

You want to preserve two things here: your credibility as an excellent service provider, and the business relationship that you have with your client.

There are a few things that must be done when faced with such concerns:

Listen To the Client

Listening is always an important part of any relationship, all the more for a business relationship. There’s a saying that goes, “The customer is always right.” Although this is not necessarily true of course, you still have to give your client the benefit of listening to what they found undesirable or lacking in your service.

Find Out the Flaws in Your Service

It may be that the customer’s complaints are invalid, and they may simply need reminding about the terms of your agreements. It might even be that the complaints are the result of a mere mis-communication. It is only when you know what truly causes displeasure to your client that you will be able to do something about it.

Keep Your Cool

It never helps to have two hotheads trying to make the other person see things there way. Remember that you are the service provider and the client being the paying party. Be humble and civil especially if you’re dealing with a temperamental client. Keep your professional cool and don’t allow yourself to get riled. This could be disastrous to your relationship with the client.

Do Damage Control

You can only resolve client complaints fully and effectively if you’ve gotten your facts straight. Damage control measures should be done as soon as possible in order to pacify a demanding client.

Look At The Bright Side

Although client complaints are something to worry about because it indicates slip-ups, this is also a good opportunity to double-check the quality of service that you are providing for your clients. Do not see client complaints as setbacks to your credibility as a freelancer, but appreciate the opportunity to improve your services for the better.

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