Creative Ideas for Over-Coming Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is one the biggest challenges that professional writers have to deal with. Writers Block Ideas

Writer’s block is basically the feeling that there is nothing left to write. For whatever reason the mind shuts off and it is impossible to come up with anything to write about.

This is extremely common in both the creative writing world and the non-fiction world. Fortunately there are many tricks of the trade for over-coming writer’s block.

Here are a few that you may find useful:

Don’t Panic

Panicking about not being able to write is just going to make it worse. If you feel like you can’t write, take a breather. Take a break, take a nap, have some lunch. Sitting at the computer all day with nothing to write is as frustrating as lying in bed when you have insomnia and just as ineffective.

Stick to your schedule, but still work in some wiggle room to just walk away for a few minutes or even a few hours, when things get too tough.


One thing that adult writers often neglect is brainstorming. There was a purpose to all those writing lessons you had in school. Sit down for a few minutes and make yourself a nice brainstorming chart. Don’t worry about going into detail, that isn’t what brainstorming is about.

Make a web like you would have in grammar school or simply jot down some ideas on what way you could go with your paper. It’s surprising how much this can help with over-coming writer’s block.

Try a Different Project

Most of the time writer’s block is a result of boredom with a topic. This is especially true in the non-fiction world. If you have a paper that is really getting to you and you are running out of stuff to say, switch to a different project for a little while to clear your mind. Many writers find this surprisingly effective.

Clean Your Work Area

Something I have realized is that when my surroundings are messy my brain gets that way too. Most of the time I feel writer’s block creeping in I am in a messy situation. Cleaning up your work area is often a great method of over-coming writer’s block.

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