Concentration Techniques for Freelance Writers

Having effective concentration techniques is a huge part of writing.Concentration Techniques

As a freelance writer you will often be put in situations where you have to write about unfavorable or uninteresting topics.

During this time it can be easy for your mind to wander. Other times you just may be distracted by outside forces.

Everyone’s attention span is different but there are many concentration techniques that have proven to be very effective at extending the amount of time one can focus and concentrate on a particular task.

Concentration Techniques You Can Use

Take Care of Personal Issues before Work

Personal issues are the biggest concentration killers ever. Even for a normally very attuned person with a great attention span a day at work can be shot worrying about something that happened the night before or a bill that is overdue.

It is important to either fix these issues before even sitting down to work, or if you can’t to block them out of your mind.

It may take a little bit of time at first to accomplish this but it can be done. One way to take care of things that are on your mind that can’t be easily fixed is to write the worries down a slip of paper before beginning to work. After you have listed your worries put them to the side and let them remain away from your mind and your hands until work is over.

Though it might seem silly, this is a very effective concentration techniques of “putting away” your worries and of course you are free to pick them up again once your work is complete.

Regularly Partake in Crosswords and Memory Games

Crossword puzzles and memory games are great concentration builders. Though these concentration techniques take place away from the office, if done regularly during spare time you will soon find that your concentration is growing during other times in your life. Skip the TV some nights, since it is a known concentration killer, and try a crossword puzzle.

Always Practice Mindfulness

Always aim to stay in the moment. If you are writing a paper, than write the paper. Do not spend that time thinking about what you want to do after work or what you are cooking for supper. Whatever you do in life always devote yourself completely to the task at hand. This is one of the best concentration techniques around.

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