Going Social For Traffic Generation

Social Media Traffic Generation

Everyone who has a website or blog these days is trying to find ways to increase their traffic generation.Social Media Traffic Generation

If you have found this article then you are no different. You are in search of ways to increase the amount of traffic that goes to your website because you want it to rank better in the search engine listings.

Well you have come to the right place, the following tips and tricks will help you to get your website or blog out of the dumps and off the 14th page of Google.

  1. If you do blog then you can enhance traffic generation by adding your URL to every blog post that you make. Persons even if they were not looking for your services before will follow as they may just want to see what exactly you have to offer.
  2. By using a Squidoo Lens, these allow you to make a community for yourself and you can place pages here from your wider community along with your website.
  3. Article writing and submission. There are quite a number of submission directories out there but one of the well known ones is Ezine Articles. Many persons have been successful writing and submitting articles to this directory as well as other directories on the web.
  4. Go on social websites. You don’t have to go on the popular ones; there are some out there that will give you some good traffic although they are not widely known. All you have to do is join them and start posting forums and making comments, all with your major blog or website mentioned somewhere.
  5. If you are a blogger and are familiar with Digg and del.icio.us then you will love blog-buzz.com this website allows you to submit your articles so they can generate you traffic.
  6. Go to the various answers websites and give your answers as well as a link to your page. These websites include wiki answers, LinkedIn Answers and Yahoo answers to name a few.
  7. Be the first to write a post about the ‘Top Ten Blogs’ in your niche. The post will rank highly in any general search for blogs in your niche and other bloggers in your niche write about the post and link to it.
  8. Use your archives, instead of replacing content archive it. There may be people who are looking for the content that you had three months ago who will go to other websites since you have removed yours.
  9. Write on a current topic that is in the news everywhere. Persons like to be in the know and like to see who is thinking the same way that they are. If they agree with your piece they will leave a comment and will come back to hear what you have to say next. If they don’t like it they will leave a comment also and come back to hear your response also or just to see what you are now ranting about this time around.

These tips will be sure to help you with traffic generation, so use them, maybe one maybe use them all and good luck!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

You could easily consider keyword research and keyword planning the lifeblood of your website.Keyword Research

Your site, which you rely on search engines to index and promote and make no mistake, keyword research is a pivotal element.

Niche tools are an indispensable tool for locating appealing, profitable keywords and subjects to incorporate into your website or blog.

Additionally—what good is even a perfectly crafted, perfectly linked website if you don’t know where to find products to sell with it?

Foundational knowledge in Keyword Research

Finding niche tools is all about knowing where to look. Google, Yahoo and Bing—consider them your new online best-friends.

In addition, carefully consider the following facts:

    • Keywords—and all of the research that accompany them—are vital to SEO rankings, as well as the traffic that you want to elicit. So, center all of your keywords around the title of your website and its content.
    • Keyword density is crucial; this means you don’t litter your web page with keywords, you make them “flow” perfectly with the adjoining text, and you use a one through two percent keyword density. For example, you have a 500 word article—so there must be a maximum of 10 iterations. Six through eight is usually preferable, and spread them out evenly.
    • Just as vital as keywords are to search engine indices, introductions (and headers or top-aligned horizontal menus, to an extent) serve to make your audience want to stay on the your page and read-on; or, they can make viewers click off your website just as fast as they signed onto it. Make an introduction (whether it be text, flash intros, or whatnot) that accurately represents what your page is about and contains finely-tuned words that will bait viewers in
    • Create a “resource box”. This is the link at the end of your article—or anywhere on your webpage you see fit—for a link to your website where you actually sell goods and services.
    • Google Keyword Tools can be a very effective resource in finding the right keywords and keyword phrases; however, with millions of people using the same tool, you’ll have to expand your arsenal of niche tools. Keyword strands, or long-tags, are equally as important. Take extra care to find common search phrases and common keywords associated with your topic; this usually requires dissecting them, and rearranging them to account for dozens of variations of the same phrase.
    • Google Zeitgeist, or Google Trends, can also offer valuable insight as to the current topics and keywords, as well as rising stars in the field.

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Implementing Successful Search Engine Marketing Techniques

Search Engine Marketing

Using Search Engine Marketing requires you to have an on page HTML code reconstruction and focused keyword strategy. Search Engine Marketing

However, to have real success in using Search Engine Marketing you also need to use off page SEO.

Off Page Search Engine Marketing

Using on page SEO deals with inner-link structure within your website, whereas the off page SEO is what the search engines collect of your data that are the pages not within your domain.

When having a web page, the majority of us know that you need to have a specific keyword strategy and density and an on page HTML code reconstruction. You also need to have off page SEO as these contribute to the success in search engines.

Which means, if you have more off page data, and examples are link popularity, online directories, and a keyword theme, the better you will do in the search engines.

What About On Page Search Engine Marketing?

There are a few important factors in regards to on page SEO and they only holds 44% of the weight when search engines like Google makes a decision based on it. However, in other search engines it could be between 50% – 90%.

When using keywords make sure you have a keyword density, meaning the number of keywords that are used throughout your website. These can be just words or keywords phrases. Having a targeted keyword density helps you to have the right percentage to give your website the right amount of prime results.

You should aim to have a keyword density between 3% and 5%. To calculate your density it is the number of keywords divided by the number of words on your page. Using the right amount of keyword density will help you in getting your website in the first top ten in the search engine listing, which will give the maximum exposure to your site.

One More Tip

Another way to create a successful search engine marketing is by building backlinks. Backlinks allow you to have links from other websites, to your website. If you want to have a high ranking in Google, it is best to have links from other websites. So, in other words backlinks are like popularity votes, the more you have the higher you will be in their search engine.

Backlinks ensure that you will create traffic to your website, and increase attention of your website to search engines like Google. A great way to create backlinks is through article marketing.

Using article marketing will help you in getting a lot of keyword anchored backlinks. There are many article directories that will accept your article such as ezinearticles.com or go articles. You can submit your article and in return you can receive links.

Building a backlink for your website is great way to get your website in the search engines, but this is something that does take time.

To have a successful search engine marketing , you need to ensure that you have the right amount of keyword density for your website. You need to build backlinks to boost your listing in the search engines.

Knowing what on page and off page, will also help in getting the best out of your website and getting the best results for your search engine optimization.

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Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation

In the wonderful world of the Internet, specifically when it has to do with making your website the most searchable one on the planet, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO, as it is called) can make the difference between being searchable, but with 100 others, or searchable with 10 or 20 others.

It’s really that important for a website to consider this optimisation, since the whole idea is to drive traffic to your website.

The Definition of SEO

So, what is SEO, you might ask? Well, it is literally a way of making a website the most searchable it can be, by a combination of registering with search engines, utilizing certain criteria for maximum results, thus placing your website as highest-ranking as is possible.

It seems like it is very complex, but it really isn’t, once you get the hang of it.

The Importance of the Keyword

One of the most important components, with regard to SEO, is the keyword, which can be keywords, up to 15-20 per web page in order not to be flagged for “keyword spam” by a search engine.

It used to be, were you could pretty much get away with loading your web pages chock full of “keywords”, but now that search engines have started to search for this, with regard to keeping everything as fair as possible, it’s just best to keep to a maximum of 15-20, per web page, period.

This means if you have 5 articles on a webpage, you only want to put three keywords into each of them, period. If you want to put 10 articles on a webpage, then only 2 per article will get you by, in order to not be flagged as a “spamming” website.

Keywords should be as unique as possible and relevant to the material you are writing about, too.

Creating Unique Content: A Must

The content of your articles, when placing them with keyword saturation on a website, is very important. You don’t want something boring that no one can either care about or understand.

Your goal is to keep someone interested, informed and liking what you have to say.

Specific links, generating from the article, are what keep them interested further in products and services, so it is an absolute must that you keep the content flowing, informative and memorable to the person reading it.

What a Title Tags, Header Tags, and Keyword Meta Tags Are

Tags are just what they sound like: they are labels that, when working together, create the best ranking possible in the realm of Search Engine Optimisation. Each title tag can be at least 60 words, and can contain a few keywords.

This is kind of an introduction that can be put together. Header tags can be numbering 1-7, and should be done, because they are what search engines look for, so this is crucial to remember.

Think about the best, relevant information you can choose, when thinking about header tags.

Finally, keyword Meta tags are not to be overused, as was discussed previously; they need to be used only as much as is required, or they will get your web page or pages flagged, which is completely non-productive for SEO.

Seeing the importance of Search Engine Optimisation is a bit hard at first, since the science behind the search engine is a bit complex, and involved certain algorithms and other mathematical calculations.

The unique content of each web page will put your website up there above the rest, which is the ideal place to be, always.

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5 Search Engine Optimisation Secrets

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the best way to drive traffic to your website, by using just a few tools. Search Engine Optimisation

Below is a list of 5 really important things to perform, with respect to SEO for your website:

Register With One Search Engine At a Time

Websites do not want you to register over and over again with them, nor do they want you to attempt any “mass” registration, since that would mean you could have a robot doing it for you.

Therefore, you always want to register with one website at a time, period. Give them ALL your information, especially all that they require in order to optimize the engine for your website to be searched for there.

Create a Unique Keyword for Each Webpage

This is really crucial, because even thought it might not seem important, the one keyword that each webpage has on it can be included in a sub search, which can place your website ahead of others, depending on what your keywords are.

Be as creative as possible, but also try to keep it different for each webpage, for uniqueness.

Do Not Over Use Keywords

Over-saturating with keywords will not help you out, unless you want your website to eventually be banned by a certain search engine. It is not unheard of for them to do so, either.

Their job being of a benign nature totally contrasts with over saturation and deliberate over placement of keywords, which is something that unscrupulous search engine optimizers do, as one of the many tricks that can place a higher “rank” above others.

Never use more than 15-20 keywords per web page, or you will get flagged for “keyword spam”.

Create Content That Flows

When you use content on your website in order to gain search engine optimisation, try to make it as interesting and flowing as possible. If you list things, they should make sense, for example.

You should always strive to have either yourself or whoever does your writing, do it in such a way as to keep the reader’s interest. This isn’t hard to do, with just a bit of creativity and of course great grammar and spelling.

Give The Search Engines What They Require

Search engines require a few things, in order to best work for you. The first thing to consider is title tags. These can be 60 or more characters, and carry a few keywords at best. Think of them as an introduction, to an article that has a title. The second item is header tags. They work a bit differently, as they are numbered 1 to 7, and search engines easily recognize them.

Be sure to include them, or you will not get the maximum optimisation you could get, were you to do so. Of course, keyword meta tags (as discussed above) are equally important, as are the placement of the one keyword per webpage, itself.

Using all of the above advice will get you some really great SEO for your website, although there are more things you can do, that you can look into by performing a web search.

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Get Yourself a Local Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimizer

Having a web presence online is not the only thing you need to do in order to drive traffic to your website, and a local Search Engine Optimizer knowsSearch Engine Optimizer the keys to success.

Now, one of the most familiar terms in “web speak”, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a leading tool for webmasters and site marketers alike to really put a website out there and available for the public to utilize.

Simply put, it optimizes each search, per keyword, for the website desiring traffic to flow to it, specifically using a combination of items in order to put the website as one of the first results from input to a search engine.

What is a Search Engine Optimizer?

The person or company who handles SEO is called a Search Engine Optimizer. Depending on the reputation of the individual or company, it can alternately help your website succeed, through searches that are optimized, or fail; utilizing tactics that are unethical can ruin the reputation for a website, so you must be careful.

What Search Engine Optimizers Can Do for You

The methods used by search engine optimizers, in order to optimize a search for your website , can include the following:

  • Examination of your website, including its content and the way it has been set up;
  • Offering advice, from a purely technical aspect, largely to do with how well the website has been set up from a “back office” perspective;
  • Directly creating content for the site, to best optimize every search;
  • The development and maintenance of marketing campaigns for the website;
  • Research and development of keywords;
  • Educating the client on what SEO is and how it is being utilized for their website and
  • Offering professional advice regarding specific industry-related marketing

Should You Use a SEO Individual/Company or Yourself?

Bearing in mind that not all search engine optimizers are extremely knowledgeable on any of the above subject matter, it is important that you attempt at utilizing a well-known, reliable individual or company, if you are not going to perform the work yourself.

You can learn how to utilize SEO for your website’s search engine, but if you are not totally familiar with all aspects of it, including what is not considered ethical, then you really could damage both your company’s reputation, as well as put yourself in a fool’s light.

With proper education, and perhaps visiting some discussion boards to find out about the more ethical ways of utilizing SEO for marketing your website, your can be a successful campaign that not only will put your website in the top loading front page of potential client’s searches, but you can also keep learning as you go along, in order to put your website out time and time again as a top site.

Common Unethical Practices By Search Engine Optimizers

Two of the most unethical practices that search engine optimizers utilize are as follows:

  1. “Shadow” domains – this involves redirecting traffic to sites other than the one initially desired. This is a common practice among unethical SEO individuals or companies.
  2. “Doorway” pages – this involves placing links to other domains on a client’s site. It takes away from the ideal search capability of your site; it may redirect, additionally, to unsavory websites of the SEO or its clients.

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Email Marketing – A Golden Business Tool

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a very powerful tool, in the way to increase online traffic to a business.Email Marketing

A survey done by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) involving small businesses showed that 54%, rated using email as one of the top ways in driving potential customers to their storefronts and web sites.

When you use email marketing it can be easy, cost effective and fast in building a client list and driving sales to your website.

Here’s something to ponder:

Each dollar spent on direct marketing yields, on average, a return on investment of $11.73, versus ROI of $5.23 from non-direct marketing expenditures. That’s the Power of Direct.
From DMA’s The Power of Direct Marketing: ROI, Sales, Expenditures and Employment in the US, 2009-2010 Edition.

Email Marketing List

Create a mailing list of clients that you are interested in sending your marketing email to. The best way to do this is to “buy” a mailing list. It’s important to understand that the use of the word “buy” in this situation is by using a lead generation company to either grow your own list size or leverage off the email marketing expertise of the lead generation company to market your product or service to their subscribers.

By having a mailing list you will be able to constantly send emails to your customers regularly. This ensures that you can keep in regular contact with your customers. However, when having a mailing list the quantity or the list size is less important than the quality of the people on your lists as they will be the ones that will increase your sales.

As part of your email marketing, offer your visitors something of value to them, to make them interested in signing up to your list. These could be special discounts, a weekly tips newsletter plus other incentives. Have a sign up on every page on your website, or place it in a convenient position on your site where it is able to be seen easily.

You can always look to email potential member’s offline, this is especially true for those who have a storefront. You can always look for customers at conferences, events and anywhere you think someone will be interested in your business. Another tip is to put your list into different categories, which will help you test your emails and allow you to know which emails are working.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

The benefits of email marketing are that it can reach a wider audience a lot quicker with little costs associated with it. You are able to target your market to a particular business or people that are in the same market area as you are.

Having a mailing list can build relationships with your clients as a majority of clients tend to and like to deal with email more than any other means. There is also less time involved in campaign marketing as you just need to write and send to who you want.

Using email marketing is a great tool to drive sales to your website. There is less time involved in marketing through emails as you just need to type and send (although there is a certain amount of reporting that must be conducted to see whats working and what isn’t).

When using email marketing you are able to create a client list, which will enable you to build a list of potential customers and those that are interested in what you have to offer, which will produce in sales for you.

It’s important to get the right advice and use a lead generation company or email marketing specialist to delivery what you need.

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The Email Marketing Phenomenon

Email Marketing

One of the first internet marketing techniques was email marketing.Email Marketing

Social networking sites may be all the rage these days, however they may be considered outdated six months from now and people will stop logging in (there are always a few exceptions).

There is still one place that people will always have to open at a regular basis and that’s their personal email.

Email marketing is very effective in directly reaching potential customers. It is very important for people to have a permanent electronic mailing address in this time and age, and email marketing capitalizes on this necessity.

Why build an Email list?

An email list gradually builds up when the business emails sent out generate positive responses form prospective customers. This list is basically a client list. It is important for any business to have a stable and existing clientele. It indicates an established rapport between you and your customers.

Because of their trust in you, it is highly possible that they will forward your newsletters and updated catalogues to their own friends. Sellers can keep tabs on their devoted customers and comply right away with their product orders.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

This marketing technique enables businesses to spread word about their products and services over long distances in a professional manner, as opposed to social networking sites where transactions are very casual.

It also provides a direct communication line for the customers to privately transact a business with the seller. Of course, a big appeal is that email marketing is very cheap compared to other marketing mediums. It also requires less manpower on the company’s part.

Reporting is also very essential for any business and with email marketing you can identify exactly what is working and what is not. With other marketing mediums such as T.V or radio, it is almost impossible to identify the ROI. As many email marketing software packages have in-built reporting capabilities, tracking the delivery, open and click-through rates of your email marketing campaigns are easily performed.

How do you acquire leads?

Some marketing leads can be bought in order for you to have exclusive email marketing. These kinds of leads may cost a bit, but customer response is a guarantee. Leads can also be created by collaborating with other companies or businesses (those that complement yours, of course, and not direct competition) in bulk email leads.

Survey leads are helpful if you want to gain insight on how to best approach the target clients. It is important for any business to know more about their customers, get information on what they need and what are the things that will encourage them to make a purchase. This is done by sending out forms with short, strategic questions for customers to fill in.

Tips to boost sales from your Leads

Your email marketing campaigns should be designed to draw the attention of your leads to the products or services that you are offering.

The key is to be creative in sales pitches and webpage design so that once the customers actually arrive on your doorstep, they won’t click the back button because the site looks generic, or even unprofessional. Make sure the attractive deals are easily spotted and the information is concise yet inviting. You can unleash your marketing skills more quickly and efficiently in this stage of email marketing.

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How to Acquire Repeat Business

Acquire Repeat Business

Freelance work adheres to a flexible and a more casual lifestyle. The one thing that you do not sacrifice though, in any type of work, is quality.Acquire Repeat Business

How do you look for the right freelance work?

How do you find the individual that can provide the work that you need?

More importantly, how do you acquire repeat business?

Most freelancing jobs are tasks that can be outsourced or that require specific skills to be completed, within a defined time frame.

Freelancers should have the time, skills, and tools to accomplish their projects. It is a balance between getting the right person for the job and finding the right opportunity to showcase your skills and talents.

The goal is the same at both sides and that is, quality output.

What to do to Acquire Repeat Business?

In order to acquire repeat business, you should complete projects that meet the standards and expectations. Competition is high in the freelancing field, especially on the Internet where talents come from locations all over the world. Work in the industry that interests you, where you know that you can showcase your talents and adept knowledge.

You may think that freelancing is only good for short term opportunities. But you will never know how the work you provide will impact the company. Maintain a good disposition about it and keep it interesting. If you continue to acquire repeat business, these customers could be the bread-and-butter for your freelancing business.

When selecting the right person for the job, you consider accomplished projects, previous work experience, skill set and knowledge.

Combine these details to create a profile and at best, require sample work to get a preview of how the individual presents and accomplishes a project. It should give you a good idea whether or not you have found the talent that you need.

In most stores and commercial establishments, customers keep going back for the product and the service that they receive. You go out to buy ice cream and you get a creamy delicious scoop, served with a smile.

You get an experience that is more than what you expect from buying an ice cream, as simple as it may seem. If you go to an ice-cream store where the workers look depressed, service is sub-par and the ice-cream tastes horrible – you never go back there again!

Accomplish the task and if you meet or exceed the expectations of the customers, there should be no reason why they would not keep coming back. This is how you acquire repeat business and grow your portfolio.

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Getting Over The Stigma Of Hiring A SEO Consultant

SEO Consultant

Sometimes people can be wary of hiring a SEO consultant, because they either don’t believe in the benefits of a properly optimised website or theySEO Consultant simple don’t understand the jargon that many SEO consultants use.

There are many very successful people in business who use a SEO consultant to make their own web estate more efficient, cost-effective and generally operate better.

Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

The thing about SEO consultants is that they can take a look at your business website with an unbiased eye and determine the strengths of your web estate and identify the weaknesses to rectify them.

Think about SEO Consultants like an editor of a newspaper. When people write articles for the newspaper, often they can’t see the mistakes that they have made. The editor takes the article and fine tunes it to look and read the very best that it can.

Just because you have employed a SEO consultant it doesn’t mean that you do not have the skills to run your business. SEO Consultants look at your online presence with a critical eye and help you fine tune it. They help you to see what can be improved with your web estate, and what needs to be changed.

What To Look For Before You Hire an SEO Consultant

Some SEO Consultants only analyze and provide very little feedback (and probably change a very high cost). Ensure that any SEO consultant that you hire provides a full and detailed report on:

  • Issues with your current website setup
  • A strategy on how to remediate the identified issues
  • A strategy on how to out rank your competition

It is not always easy to hear, but the advice may help to advance your company. Hiring a SEO consultant helps people see that you care about your company enough to make every effort to make it stand out – and in this day and age you need to be using every tool at your disposal to stand out from the crowd.

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